Inimicus Fight Club 

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Looking to get into shape and build confidence while learning to defend yourself from those unavoidable situations? Come train with Junayd. With a background in mixed martial arts and combat training through the United States Army, my personal training sessions offer you boxing, muay thai, wrestling,  jiu jitsu and capoeira techniques for competition, fitness and self defense.

My clientele includes individuals from all walks of life including seniors in high school looking to learn the arts to senior citizens looking to feel safer walking to the corner store. From soccer moms to security guards my sessions are created to each individuals own personal goals.

Most of my clients talk about how boring traditional workout can be or how other trainers don't offer the motivation needed to train. My sessions are intense, fast paced and exploding with energy while still allowing you to train at your own speed. I also offer a buddy system which allows you to bring a friend to train with you at no additional charge. Come get the results you desire by training with the best.


My services are not only effective but also affordable.